Phablet Market To Heat Up With Launch Of Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung has already re-established the fact that it is the undisputed champion of smartphones on a global scale. The Galaxy S-III was a major hit and Galaxy S-IV completely silenced the critics, and no amount of bombardment from HTC’s One or Sony’s Xperia Z could falter Samsung’s success and growth in the market.

Oddly enough, similar results have also been translated in the phablet market with Samsung being the overall market grosser with its Galaxy Note series. Fortunately for Note users, it’s time for them to upgrade their faithful device as Samsung is all set to launch the Galaxy Note 3 for the phablet fanatics. Waiting no further, let’s have a look at its tech-specs and if it’s a game-changer for the phablet market.

The Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Before we kick off the spec bonanza, we need to understand a few basic changes the smartphone industry has undergone. Other than having a captivating screen and an elongated battery life, the camera and processing quality has drastically improved, meaning the smartphones and phablets of tomorrow have to out-do their counterparts of today by leaps and bounds, and with the new Android upgrade in place, the smartphones and phablets command all the more powerful hardware to run flawlessly. Keeping that in mind, the Galaxy Note 3 is touted to be fitted with an octa-core processor that can clock 1.8 GHz with ease, and a whopping 3 GB RAM to compliment it. The screen may very well offer 5.6 inches of viewing pleasure and the signature Super AMOLED display will churn out 1080p graphics without any hassle. A micro-SD slot with inbuilt memory of 16, 32, and 64 GB variants should be available and connectivity will be obtained with 4G LTE and the usual jazz.

While the innards sounds as good as they should, the 4.3 Jelly Bean loaded with all the Samsung goodies should add-on to the Note’s credibility. Expect a new level of thinness with this one. Albeit, what we find to be disturbing amidst all the specs is its shockingly small battery capacity. The Note 3 is to be equipped with a 3200 mAh battery. It may work wonders for a 4-inch smartphone and allow it to run for a day or more of heavy use, but a 6-inch tablet with a mammoth octa-core processor and 3 GB of RAM might find the 3200 mAh diet to be far less appetising. Maybe a spec-bump in this area might help the Note 3 with enough juice to run for a day.

The Competition

Xperia Z Ultra

While Samsung is basking in glory in the smartphone market, other competitors are equipping themselves with some marvellous arsenal. Sony with the all new razor-thin Xperia Z Ultra and Micromax with their surprisingly successful Canvas series have already found favour with buyers. The Z Ultra with its hardware and super-sleek body is a worthy rival, while Micromax is a worthy contender with its highly affordable Canvas as well. Various other small-timers are emerging in the phablet circuit with Acer and Firefly catering the budget crowd. If rumours are to be believed, Nokia is all set to come up with their very-own Windows 8-powered phablet and that may truly shake up Samsung’s foundation.

If Samsung truly wants to stay on top without budging, they do need to pull up their socks without keeping any loose ends around, and with the competition heating up, they might as well do things right or it won’t be long before Samsung goes the Apple way and launches a cheap spinoff out of sheer desperation.


Android Refreshed

If you’re an Android user, you may have heard about Android 4.3, the latest update to Google’s mobile OS. And if you rock one of the Nexus devices, such as the Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 or the Galaxy Nexus, chances are you may already have got it. These Nexus devices are the first ones to receive the update rolling out currently, but since the last version was 4.2.2, you may be wondering what the brouhaha is about. In a way, you’re right – this is just an incremental update, but since Android is relatively a new mobile OS (it’s closest rival iOS is now approaching version 7), even a tiny upgrade is enough to send the interwebs into a tizzy, and not without good reason. While there are a few new features that users can directly make use of, Android 4.3 also includes quite a few under-the-hood improvements. Let’s get a closer look at what goodies it brings with it.


Changes noticeable up front

Possibly one of the most noticeable new features is Restricted Profiles – an upgrade to the multi-user mode for tablets that was added in Android 4.2. This lets you create new user profiles with restricted access to apps and settings – all completely customizable. So you could cut off access to the Play Store or Gmail and only allow games in case your little one uses your slate, or enforce a lockdown on social apps and games in case you have a tablet that is used by your employees. Daydream, a screensaver-like feature introduced in Android 4.1 has also received a boost with the option of using your device as a photo frame. Next, the stock Android dialer now comes with auto-complete, and suggests contacts from your address book when you start typing letters or numbers. Those rocking a Nexus 7 (2013 edition) or a Nexus 10 will also be able to wirelessly stream content to a hi-def TV that supports the Miracast standard.

Under the hood improvements

Bluetooth capabilities have been bumped up, and apart from the ability to now have your song names to be displayed on your car stereo when streaming music from your phone, there’s a new Bluetooth Smart capability that allows better compatibility with certain low-energy Bluetooth accessories including heart rate monitors, smart watches etc. Gaming fiends will also appreciate integration of a new graphics standard that will allow developers to offer games with more bells and whistles on the visual effects front. Apps that need your location to work can now make use of a scan-only Wi-Fi mode that works even when your Wi-Fi is switched off and doesn’t guzzle too much battery.

In addition, there are a smorgasbord of other improvements, all aimed at enhancing performance and making your Android experience smoother… including smarter notifications, enhanced text input, support for more languages including Hindi, faster user switching and quicker touch response for gamepads.

Faster, smoother and even more loaded – what’s not to like? You may have to wait a bit if you don’t happen to have a Nexus device; depending on your brand of device, updates should be coming down the pike in time. But if you do have a Nexus and have been putting off hitting the update button, go right ahead and do it – it’s a small step for the Android platform, but a giant leap for when you’re using it.

How Technology Is Making Us Lazy??

Remember when you were watching that cutesy Wall-E movie zooming around on the spaceship amidst all the horrendously fat people levitating mid-air on some transportation device?

That did catch you by surprise and a faint voice in your head told you that this would be the inevitable future of mankind. As for putting these things into perspective, it seems that age is already dawning upon us. Let’s have a look at how today’s technology is slowly taking over our lives, rendering us passive and lazy!

Couch Potato

Technology Is Making Us Lazy - Couch Potato

You want to know the Capital of Uganda? Google it. Learn a new cocktail? Youtube it. Want to have some fun? Watch a quiz show on television. Before the onset of technology, the source of information and entertainment were many. The library, for instance, was our walk-in Wikipedia, and our local brewmaster was our cocktail connoisseur. Entertainment was ample, right from reading a book and getting lost in its world, to stepping into the playground to dabbling in the environment that enveloped us. We seem to have lost that in today’s age and time of smartphones and tablets.

Online Shopping

Technology Is Making Us Lazy - Online Shopping

Running around in the mall’s aisle with your shopping cart, or just being in a massive warehouse-like structure was a captivating experience for us all. Shopping was less of a daunting task and more of an adventure that we embarked on. As kids, the toys section was our fantasy land and the grocery department was the deepest realm of hell, unless you were buying chocolates. Then, it was pure gluttony. The joy of hunting down something you wanted and holding it in your hand was a satisfaction like none other. With today’s online shopping being rightfully perfect, you can have anything you could ever imagine. The essence is gone, and so is the fascination. Another important add-on is food home-delivery. Food at your doorstep without moving a muscle. Now you know where the piling starts from?

Online Social Networking

Technology Is Making Us Lazy - Online Social Networking

What plans for the day
Chilling at home

Horrifyingly familiar? This is what our lives have dwindled down to. Caught amidst social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter has degraded our lives to being stuck to the personal computer where all communication takes place. The first wave came with Orkut and things have gotten from bad to worse. A generation that is supposed to immerse itself in physical activities and discover the world around them is being laid to waste with implications of social networking. The simple task of stepping out and catching up with few friends sounds like a Herculean task. What’s next? Robbing us of our reality?

Virtual Reality

Technology Is Making Us Lazy - Virtual Reality

“I just killed few dozen people while re-spawning over and over again for few hours”. This isn’t a Warfield, but a typical day in the life of a video gamer. Video games have been around since the arcade gaming era, and have always been a vital part of the pop-culture. But, at the turn of the century, they hypnotized Generation Y to an extent where they were less of a fun activity and more of a mentally strenuous workout that was not needed. Other than depriving people of their sleep, they have made people completely avoid the outside world and immerse themselves in a virtual reality of gaming. The situation has reached a state where people are clinically diagnosed with gaming addiction and rehabs have been set up for the same.

Are we pushing technological implementations a tad too much that we’re losing grip of reality? Looking at the world around us and the way gadgets have mechanized us into being a mental slave, we are fairly certain the future looks bleak. Is there a solution? Yes. Get your sorry asses out of the seats and start burning some muscles!